CHORUS sans writer.png

by Ang Collins

There's power in that name. A unique name. A lonely name. But it's powerful nonetheless.

Clemence Williams directs this World Premiere of a radical reworking of Aeschylus's Agamemnon written by Ang Collins.
Agamemnon is a pop musician with a cult following and a deep secret. As she ends her sell-out world tour and heads back to the house that used to be her home, memories that she's tried so hard to keep dead begin to breathe again - so vividly she could die. And she very well might.

Told by a lively chorus and oozing with Australian authenticity, Chorus is about the unending pressures on women to conform to certain roles — and the potentially tragic results when they break that mould. When they want too much. When they go a step too far.


Ella Prince as Agamemnon

Jack Crumlin as Chris/Chorus

Chemon Theys as Kass/Chorus

Eliza Scott as Chorus

Madelaine Osborn as Chorus

Nicole Pingon as Chorus


Playwright: Ang Collins

Director and Sound Designer: Clemence Williams

Dramaturg: Thomas De Angelis

Production Designer: Emma White

Lighting Designer: Veronique Bennett

Video Designer: Sarah Hadley

Production: Isabella Debbage