Come On! The Lleyton Hewitt Musical

by Samuel Boneham, Thomas De Angelis and Laurence Rosier Staines

“Come On! The Lleyton Hewitt Musical” is about a man who knew he was good and just couldn’t wait for the rest of the world to figure it out. Hewitt was the youngest world number one in tennis history. He was instrumental in the Australian Team winning the Davis Cup. He won Wimbledon and the US Open, both before the age of twenty-one.

But the thing about Hewitt is - and still is - every Australian has an opinion on him.

In 2005, when Hewitt made the final of the Australian Open, he was the first Australian to do so since Pat Cash. By now, he’d enjoyed the thrilling highs of Australian affection, and the desperate lows of their enmity. And at the Aussie Open in 2005, the local crowd were back on his side - not because they loved him - but because he was the underdog.

And while it is basically impossible to tackle this subject matter without being somewhat tongue in cheek - "Come On!" is  equal parts thrilling drama and raucous comedy.

"Come On! The Lleyton Hewitt Musical" was developed through the Australian Theatre For Young People's Rebel Wilson Theatremaker's Scholarship and was presented as a development in Sydney at ATYP in November 2017 and in Los Angeles at The Skylight Theatre in Los Feliz in January 2018.