written by Violette Ayad, Thomas De Angelis, Chika Ikogwe and Jordan Shea

When they arrived in Australia from Italy in 1952, Thomas De Angelis' grandparents bought some land and built a house in Boundary Road.

Over the years, immigrants from other cultures came and built or bought their own houses on the same street.

In the 60s, a family from The Philippines arrived.

A Middle Eastern family came as migrants to the street in the 80s

And then, in the new millennium, a family from Nigeria moved in.

Using that history as inspiration, this play is about a single house and its occupants through the years. Over four acts, all set in a semi-fictionalised house on Boundary Rd, each of those acts will be written by a different playwright, and will tell the story of a different family from a specific wave of immigration.

Each playwright involved in this project will write one act that correlates to their particular cultural heritage and its respective wave of immigration.

The result is an examination of cultural assimilation, and Australian immigration throughout history.

This production will play at The Old 505 Theatre in Newtown.

The House at Boundary Road is a collaboratively devised play about Australia’s waves of post-war immigration. After the Second World War, immigration to Australia took place in a series of broadly homogenous waves: there was a wave of Western Europeans (Italians being the predominant nationality that came post-war), Indochinese (some 200,000 Indochinese immigrants came to Australia between the 70s and the 90s), then in varying degrees a wave from the Middle East, and to a similar extent today, a wave from sub-Saharan Africa.