Amory’s 25. 26? 27. Oh my God, she’s 27. 

She’s got an aversion to being ‘put together’ and likes to write funny songs to get herself out of sticky situations. But when Amory’s older sister asks her to carry out the pre-pubescent promise she made to become her surrogate, Amory can’t just sing her way out of it. She’s stuck, pregnant, on the other side of 25. 

Bontom Productions Presents this one-woman show written by American actress and writer, Becca Hurd. Full of humour, music, and a few tears, too, 'The Other Side of 25' explores a woman’s discovery of what you gain through what you lose.

This production will play at The Old 505 Theatre in Newtown, and in Adelaide as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.