The Worst Kept Secrets Title.jpg

Ex-Premier George Steeper and his brilliant wife Annie are the power couple with it all: a twenty-nine year old marriage, two handsome sons, and résumés glistening with achievements. What the public don’t know is that their relationship is as malignant as a tumour, that George is sleeping with his son’s girlfriend, and that Annie’s favourite pastime is to hurl virulent abuse at her husband. Of course, they’ve only endured each other so long because it has made George electable and Annie popular.

So, when he’s offered the role of chairman for the government’s new economic advisory panel, George realises that his days of courting votes are over and that he can finally come clean with the secrets he’s been keeping so poorly.

Featuring an incredible cast including: Sonia Todd, Rhett Walton, Samuel Boneham, Lauren Pegus, Matthew Morrow and Paige Leacey, The Worst Kept Secrets played at the Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre in November 2014.